Loan on declaration – all you need to know about it

Have you already heard about the loan for the statement? What is? Who can it tries C, and on what terms? We answer these and many other questions in the text below. The loan to the statement of income is not yet as well-known form of obligations such as the provision of bed d dow without checking whether the debtor bases in bed, but with each month of its popularity is growing.

What are loans?

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However, to look closely at this issue, you need to consider what a loan actually is. jent bed more meters of yellow blow, this type of liabilities, one of the parties, in this case the person or institution shall provide the other an object or money, and this, in turn, undertakes to use it in accordance with the declared purpose and give up after certain deadline specified in the contract, together with interest. Both parties should be satisfied with the transaction, because each of them gains financially on it. Moreover, the loan for the customer is often the last chance to get out of trouble in bed or just an opportunity to gain valuable, needed “to” got bed wki without Reg would be hard for him to realize a plan.

What do we borrow for?

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Life writes different scenarios. There is no single answer to the question, what’s the rump łużamy. According to the data collected annually by the largest financial institutions in our country, the debt has or has several million bed in Pole bed in, but um bed in the loan already signed several dozen million bed in. This means that SOME bed WHO take a loan for a loan and later, unfortunately, they have more and more difficulties repaying their next liability. In such circumstances, the debtor has problems obtaining another loan and, as a result, begins to sink in his own obligations. This usually leads to a credit loop that is unfavorable for all parties. We write more about it in the article How to avoid a spiral of debt.

It is worth adding that Poles are mainly indebted for consumption , current expenses in the household, exceptional situations related to the repair or the need to buy new electronics or household appliances, and car repairs. The older compatriots, not enough pension or retirement lend on medicines and medical assistance. Young people, in turn, usually for studies, housing, trips. There is little reason of commitments from the bed in a purely investment or development. We give details of the current situation in the material record debt Pole in bed.

Loan on a statement? Now it’s possible!

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A non-bank loan can take different forms. Many m bed in and out of the obligations unrated credit, checking the registry yellow BIK or granted only on presentation of an ID card. Another type, Kends increasingly tempt Pole bed in financial institutions is called. loan for a statement. Its essence boils down to the full łnego customer trust and reduce the formal aspect of the bed in the verification process and decision-making to a complete minimum. In this case the lender does not control databases Information Bureau of Commerce and the National Debt Register in bed, does not evaluate the economic potential of the applicant, and does not ask questions aimed at checking its exact. The whole process is very liberal, for the benefit of the consumer. The loan can therefore get almost anyone interested rem non-banking company decides to trust.

Who is the loan for the statement?

In this situation there is , after about an old to everyone. It is enough to be at least 18 years old, be a Polish citizen and it is best to live in your country. The only document that will be needed for identity verification, is the dow d yellow card. The loan on the statement of income shall be granted so even people re s had previously already be a problem with the repayment obligations. Speech incl. of dishonest debtors or customers, Kends bank refused to grant the loan because they were credible enough. Lack of control data in registers debtor in bed causes the lending company does not know their past and gives them another chance. The entity providing the benefit is interested only in whether the consumer repays the amount due on time. JES you SIU that does not happen, the institution will begin the process of debt collection, rice may result in seizure of the debtor’s assets to the amount of its arrears cash. The whole is described in the article Step by Step Debt Collection – What is worth knowing?

How to apply for support?

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The loan on the statement of income are just one type of bed available in the non-banking liabilities. Applying for it is similar to a standard procedure. It starts with choosing the commitment we are interested in on the company’s website, then you must complete and submit a loan application for the statement with the required attachments. At this point it is worth mentioning that the statement is issued and signed by the client himself based on his own financial data. It should mainly include the amount of income and income for the previous tax year or even a few years back. In practice, this means that the non-bank institution makes a decision based on what the applicant demonstrates and does not verify the accuracy of the information with the facts. Few reasonable solution, however, is withholding data or providing false information, because sooner or later the lie may come to light, which it based on the agreement will not be able to be realized to horse ca.


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