Don’t worry and ask for more money at work

First, do a market research , ask your friends, or check out the salary benchmarkers. Only then go to a supervisor with a specific request. Never threaten him to leave. However, if you really have another job offer, don’t be afraid to mention it. You can try to say this:

“Madam leader, I got an offer to sell in that new shop on the square. It offers me about 1500 CZK more. It’s tempting, but I’d rather stay with us. Is there any possibility of a salary increase? ”

The chances of success in this case are great. It is very difficult for companies to lose an experienced employee and learn a new one.

Write down the arguments



If you can’t boast a better bid from your competition, prepare yourself carefully for pay negotiations. Write down a list of your most recent achievements . For a shop assistant in a smaller store, the list might look like this:

  • I suggested better placement of shelves in the store.
  • I managed to solve a crisis situation with a screaming woman.
  • I can also recommend suitable accessories to my customers and therefore I sell more than my colleagues.

Try the brigade



If you don’t want or can’t ask for a salary increase right now, there are other ways to get more money. The easiest way is to find a part-time job or offer services like:

  • tutoring,
  • babysitting,
  • cleaning.

Or try restricting purchases of things you don’t necessarily need. You will see that hundreds to thousands of crowns are miraculously added to the family budget every month.

Generate an income 

Generate an income 


Lending money for nothing is a bad choice. When borrowing money makes sure it will generate an income so that you can pay for the interest.

If you want to know more on savings just keep in touch. Read more on our articles.

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